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Sri Lankan Crabs

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  • positive review  The food came nicely packed and were still warm when they arrived- I really like the sambal kangkong! It was also sweet that they gave gloves for the crab πŸ™‚ Would also like to give a shout-out to the IG admin who was very accomodating to the changes in my order. Thank you!

    Foo Kai Juan Avatar Foo Kai Juan
    01 August 2021

    positive review  Crab was good. Great choice for stay home mother's day dinner

    Lee Hwee Wan Avatar Lee Hwee Wan
    09 May 2021

    positive review  Food arrived warm and the dishes were very good for the price! Ordered the national day set and it was enough for about 5 pax. highly recommended if you wish to order tze char delivery

    Kevin Lau Avatar Kevin Lau
    15 August 2021
  • positive review  The food was really good!! The crab was the star of the show as well as the mantouπŸ¦€πŸŒŸ Would definitely order from you guys again! Thanks for the delivery, really worth it.

    Cedric Wei Avatar Cedric Wei
    05 April 2021

    positive review  This was our first time ordering and my family was pleasantly surprised by the quality and portion. Overall, taste was very good and it kept my family satisfied. Will definitely be coming back to try more dishes in future! πŸ‘πŸΌ

    Yee Chen Avatar Yee Chen
    08 July 2021

    positive review  First time ordering and they didn't disappoint! Good taste, reasonable price and portions!! Free delivery for min $100 spending is very convenient for family gatherings πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ Their live chat is also very responsive πŸ˜€

    Kale Lim Avatar Kale Lim
    11 September 2021
  • positive review  Service is great. Very responsive whenever there are enquires. Provide updates that delivery will be late as experienced blackout in the kitchen. However they still delivered on time which i had previously indicated during order. For food, it was wonderful. Their chilli crab, the sauce is superb even my kids also love them. Crabs are very fresh too.... Overall my family and i enjoyed the meal...

    WahFen Ong Avatar WahFen Ong
    19 June 2021

    positive review  We ordered the food from Tze Char King first time. The foods arrived on time and it was warm and hot. The food was delicious and they even give desert Qing Teng.

    TBoon Lim Avatar TBoon Lim
    10 October 2021

    positive review  Ordered three extra large crabs (black pepper, crab bee hoon and chilli) and some dishes as Pre-Father's Day celebration. Satisfied with the crabs (especially the black pepper and bee hoon ones) as they are meaty and juicy enough to make the money worth! The Coffee Porks Ribs are also generously done with enough coffee taste. Overall, we really enjoyed the food and are satisfied! The business is also honest as I had made a mistake by paying more for delivery, but they contacted me and refunded the excess to me very promptly. That left a good impression and I recommend!

    Jovis Ang Avatar Jovis Ang
    19 June 2021
  • positive review  Delivery was friendly and on time despite being Mother's Day and raining earlier. I ordered the chili crabs and herbal prawns and both tasted really fresh. The herbal tea has quite a strong herbal taste too which I wasn't expecting and we liked it! However the kailan was a bit too bland for our liking but the overall experience is still a great one. We even received a complimentary dessert, thanks Tze Char King! Keep it up!πŸ‘

    David Lee Avatar David Lee
    09 May 2021

    positive review  Delivery was prompt and food was great, especially the chilli crab and drunken prawns! Portions were decent and the whole family was very satisfied after the meal. Customer service over Whatsapp was also excellent. Overall, will order from them again and will highly recommend Tze Char King to others!

    Ye Sheng Tan Avatar Ye Sheng Tan
    23 May 2021

    positive review  Food was very fresh especially the crabs and the prawns!!!! Kungfu pork ribs was way better than expected!!! 🀀🀀 Will definitely order for family gathering again!!!😍😍

    Huimin Lee Avatar Huimin Lee
    07 April 2021
  • positive review  We ordered the set meal for 5-6paxs. Decided to try them for the 1st time and indeed there was no regrets! The delivery was within the stipulated timing and food was hot. They even provide us complimentary pudding as a dessert. The food taste superb and my family especially love the tofu, pork ribs and yam ring which has chestnuts in it, something different from the rest! The rest of the dishes was great too. The crabs was huge and the crab beehoon's crab taste so sweet. we are super happy and full from the dinner yesterday. Thankyou so much!

    Hapyy Smileyy Avatar Hapyy Smileyy
    17 July 2021

    positive review  really meaty good size crabs. flavours are good too! my family and i enjoy them and had a great dinner

    Jeanne Foo Avatar Jeanne Foo
    09 May 2021

    positive review  Had ordered the chilli crab, for people who can't take spicy can consider this as its not very spicy.the crab meat is fresh. love their cai po beancurd too. price is affordable πŸ˜„

    Samantha Goh Avatar Samantha Goh
    09 May 2021
  • positive review  We enjoyed the set meal dinner. Love the generous portion of cereal and crab sauce that goes well with the rice. The dishes are delicious, just that my mom thinks the kangkong abit too spicy. Delivery was prompt too!

    Kum Huiting Avatar Kum Huiting
    12 September 2021

    positive review  The food is delivered between warm and hot, which is outstanding from some companies. The portion is generous and the food is nice and not too salty. The cereal chicken is still crispy. The crab is fresh and sweet with original taste. The pork rib and claypot tofu are nice as well. Our special instruction were taken note and they cooked without chilli and spicy for us, so the kids can eat as well. They provide complimentary dessert (red date, white fungus, peach gum, wolfberry and longan) and glove to eat the crab as well, which is a surprise!

    Alice Tiow Avatar Alice Tiow
    14 August 2021

    positive review  My family and I enjoyed the food.. Food delivered was still warm.. my kids enjoyed. Thanks for the great food! Will order again!

    Marie Lew Avatar Marie Lew
    01 May 2021
  • positive review  I ordered the classic set yesterday. The food was good value for money. The crabs taste great. Would have preferred the cereal prawns without shell, or maybe can have choice of flavor eg, black sauce or salted egg. Food arrived on time.

    Francis Lee Avatar Francis Lee
    03 October 2021

    positive review  Delicious food! I particularly like the crabs because it is very fresh and the black pepper/chilli gravy is very fragant! Enjoy it very much. Will recommend especially if you love crabs! Ordered other veg and meat dishes as well such as the ginger & sesame oil chicken and they are not stingy with their ingredients used. Overall, comfort food done right with decent portion size.

    Yong Jun Avatar Yong Jun
    08 October 2021

    positive review  This was actually my second time ordering from them within a month's time. The first time was for my hubby's birthday as he love to eat chilli crab. Chanced upon Tze Char King from the flyer that they dropped at my house. Decided to give it a try and was amazed that the food was really nice! They even gave free dessert. Hence, I've decided to order for father's day. This time round just the main dishes without crab as my dad is allergic to it. Their other dishes taste really good too. Love the cereal chicken and the mee goreng. Delivery was on time too and the food was still warm upon delivery. Free dessert was served again. Good service and good food. Will order again!

    HuiYing Lau Avatar HuiYing Lau
    21 June 2021
  • positive review  Ordered the β€˜Shiok Wei’ set meal. Delivery came on time and the food arrived warm. Quality of food is good and the bee hoon is especially delicious. Serving of food is also more than what I had expected. Will order again!

    Desmond Yeo Chee Siang Avatar Desmond Yeo Chee Siang
    23 August 2021

    positive review  Value for dollar meal! I ordered a basic set meal which comprises of medium fried rice,small coffee pork ribs,small Cai po beancurd as well as chilli crab (which I upgraded to large size). I also added on sambal calamari and sin chew bee Hoon. Their servings are very generous. The sambal calamari is very fragrant with just the right amount of spice. Cai po beancurd is very fragrant as well. Coffee pork ribs are tender with hints of coffee and sweet sauce. The crabs are filled with roe which is very shiok if you enjoy it! I got free dessert as well. Very punctual delivery and highly recommended! Very suitable for family gatherings if you're lazy to head to a coffeeshop and just want to enjoy Tze char food at the comfort of your own home.

    Low Zhi Ling Avatar Low Zhi Ling
    04 April 2021

    positive review  Ordered the national day bundle tze char for my husband birthday at $128. I think the portion is just nice for for 5-6 pax (not upsized any of the dishes). Came with free desserts of Qing Teng (Good for 5-6 pax of small bowls) which I totally didnt expect. Delivery was prompt as promised time range with food all warm enough to eat. The food were really delicious and worth it, especially it included my hubby's favourite chili crab (look really huge which can feed). Highly recommended!! Will order next time again if theres special occasions!

    JiaJia SJ Avatar JiaJia SJ
    04 August 2021
  • positive review  Chili crab : A rather sweet sauce version of chili crab instead of spicier version. This luscious sauce goes well with crab meat and deep-fried bun. Fried Calamari : Golden brown squid ring deep fried to the perfect crunch even it has been delivered for miles, a hint of vinegary well balanced in-house mixed mayonnaise added another dimension. Trio egg spinach : Combotuous of tri poultries off spring blended well with earthy spinach green. Every mouth has different layer of surprises. Salted Egg Crab : Both savoury and sweet with strong umami taste, salted egg sauce well cook with no sandy yolk. Punctual delivery. highly recommended πŸ‘πŸ’―

    Jun Liang Avatar Jun Liang
    28 March 2021

    positive review  The food was piping hot when it was delivered to us on a rainy day. Quality of food is definitely worth every cent. I’ll definitely get their food again! The customer service is superb and staff is friendly + responsive. πŸ™‚ Family loved the chilli crab so much and the pork was so tender that it melted in our mouths.

    Felicia Phan Avatar Felicia Phan
    19 May 2021

    positive review  Ordered from tze char king for a last minute dinner at home with my parents. The food was delivered on time and it was still warm when it arrived. We received a free dessert too! Thank you Tze Char King! a must try: caipo toufu coffee pork ribs minced pork omelette

    Kit Low Avatar Kit Low
    19 July 2021
  • positive review  Food is nice, large portions for crab, and got served meals for lazy people to think is good. Will definitely recommend.

    Wendy Koh Avatar Wendy Koh
    04 October 2021

    positive review  The food n service is impeccable. The crab meat is firm, definitely worth the price. I m a happy returning customer.

    Wee Sun Ching Avatar Wee Sun Ching
    31 July 2021

    positive review  Foods was good especially the Cai Poh beancurd. Best of all service able to cater my special requirements due to grandson allergy.

    Lilly Koh Avatar Lilly Koh
    28 March 2021