Types of Crabs

Are you a crab lover? Many people love crabs and are willing to pay extra to get their fix or for special occasions. However, how much do you know about crabs?

One of the commonly used crabs in most restaurants in Singapore is the Mud Crabs, also known scientifically as Scylla Serrata.
Mud crabs are known to have meatier claws and are bigger as compared to the other crabs such as flower crabs, which are also perceived to have higher value, thus more expensive.

Flower Crab

There are different mud crabs available from different regions in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and India, however, the most frequently advertised crab here in Singapore is the Sri Lankan crabs. You may have come across many advertisements from restaurants that they only use Sri Lankan crabs. However, have you ever wondered what is so special about the crabs? Can the advertisements be trusted?

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It’s a matter of fact that Sri Lankan crabs are indeed better! They are highly sought after for their sweet and succulent meat, and most importantly, the ammonia smell is less noticeable when comparing it with the Indonesia mud crabs (This is the most distinct difference).

How to differentiate Sri Lankan mud crabs from mud crabs of other origins?

Sri Lankan Crab
Indonesia Crab

Many restaurants try to pass off Indonesia crabs as Sri Lankan crabs as they took advantage of the fact that it will be hard to notice the difference and identify the origin, especially after it has been cooked.

Little did you know that Sri Lankan crabs are priced way higher than Indonesia crabs.

Here at Tze Char King seeking to uncover the lies behind the unethical and false marketing that many of us falls into. We will also teach our customers how to identify the characteristics of Sri Lankan and Indonesia crabs.

Stay tuned to find out more!